A low bipolar day vs. feeling flat

This week I’ve thought a lot about having bipolar, especially since a book I ordered arrived called “Touched With Fire,” an investigation into the link between bipolar and artistic temperament. Mostly, it just made me feel sad. Sad that I am affected with this illness and sad that so many creative people have lived their lives […]

My ideal day

Friends. Good food. Shopping. French. Horsebackriding. For me, Saturday is my favorite day of the week because it’s my day off from the regular routine of the week. I love eating sushi, seeing a movie or watching Netflix. My ideal day can be anything from a great conversation on the phone with a friend I […]

An unlikely New Year’s Eve

Stroke of Midnight We didn’t make any plans the day before, we just knew the week of New Years would involve the kids taking skiing lessons on a local hill. We didn’t know how tired they might be after their lesson so we decided to play it by ear and see how everyone felt. The […]