My kids are in summer school with my creative writing teacher

I had an irresistible offer. We moved to our island about 10 years ago, and in the course of those years I have occasionally run into my Creative Writing teacher from Grade 12. He moved here, like us, wanting island life and all it offers.

So when I started writing at the local newspaper, he got in touch asking if my children would be interested in taking some writing and English lessons from him. I jumped at the chance. It seemed like fate had prearranged our meeting, first when I was a child, in his classroom and now my children had entered his classroom again.

I dropped them off for an hour and a half lesson and all the goodness came flooding back to me. He might be one of the most well read people on the planet, and I felt such privilege that my children would have their class in his library.

I am so thankful for this chance and I only hope they enjoy his class as much as I did.

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