New playlist, long weekend and a very full life

It’s been a very busy two months since I started as a local reporter at our newspaper. I am thrilled to have a part-time job and to be juggling the demands of getting my first book published in print format.

I never thought I could be this busy with my two beloved children, and keeping up with their Dad. I also had a great offer recently from a translator of books to go through my book and give it the final polish. What writer could resist a final edit before the print version takes Amazon by storm?

This week I am plunging back into A Sapphire Moon with great gusto, as I hope to have these final edits done in two weeks. I am excited for this process and ready for the next incarnation of this YA fiction author. I still have two more books to get into print but things are coming together as they should.

And all the while, I am meeting more great people in my community doing amazing things. I am inspired and so very grateful for the chance to write and delve deeper into life on our island. Who knew being a newspaper reporter would give me such a thrill? Not to worry, I still have Mabel whispering in my ear, she’s just a little more patient now!



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