There’s a kind of hush all over the world

Ok. This post is not about professing love for our leaders. I want to write instead about today. It was a good one, especially considering how I got home from dropping the kids and came home to a garage full of water and an hour with the shop vac to stem the flood from the roof.

Torrential winds in the night and no bucket under the leak had dire consequences. But I did it and moved on, only to find my body wanted to be in the garden bringing in daffodils that weren’t going to stand back up and generally feeling calm.

Later in the day my friend and yoga teacher came and we practiced handstands, or at least the steps until I will be doing handstands for 10 minutes!! I couldn’t believe it but I will meet with her regularly now to achieve this marvelous state of Zen that comes with your head being pressed on the floor and resetting your brain.

Since publishing the third book last week, the momentum from that has left me pretty darn exhausted. Then I decided to start publishing my books with Createspace and it was another huge undertaking that left me feeling out of my depth and certainly in a whole other realm, which I know nothing about.

But today was different. I felt like life is uncurling at my feet and a new rhythm is pulsing. With 3 books done, life is a little lighter, and I am feeling a little more myself. For so long the books seemed to own me, and demand so much of me, and while the book format will take another month or so until all these novels are available to order as books, I feel like it’s over. And that is gratifying once you get over the shock of feeling like it’s not pushing you to the edge of your comfort zone every single day.

So maybe hand standing is just the beginning. I will post a picture when I get my legs up and you will see how much fun it is. I am thankful today for my life, and stepping back I see that publishing and writing doesn’t have to eclipse everything else. Sometimes tending to the body, eating leaks and butter with cheese on top and drinking chai tea really is where it’s all at. Contentment for a life well lived.



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