Major milestone reached

I have just finished the final draft of my third book Mabel Hartley the Crusader’s Hoard! Wait, is there a parade marching down the street, flares going off in the sky, or is that just how great it feels to see something meaningful through to the end?

I’ve been working on this book in some shape or form for the last three years. And now it’s done. Ready to be put through its paces in the formatting for an ebook.

I’m excited, scared and ready for Monday morning. A new phase in the publishing process begins, one that brings all the elements together.

I am grateful for my mental health and how I am able to take on things that wouldn’t be possible without my health in good shape. Thanks universe for keeping an eye on me and I know my late Granny and Grandad are looking down and raising a glass of champagne to toast this amazing day.

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