Reddit & StumbleUpon welcome me to a whole new world


My Marketing Business on the Internet course is proving to be a real treat and today, with only three lessons to go to the finish, we explored social media, and in particular, Reddit and StumbleUpon, both of which I know will become serious addictions on my phone.


By putting my website up on Reddit, users can vote for my site and it can be shared with a wider Internet audience. I get such a kick from finding out about these things, and being further plugged in to our social media world.

And StumpleUpon is even better. I get to search articles, click if I “stumble” on one I like and “like” or “dislike” articles and lists depending on how I feel about them. StumpleUpon you can download to your phone like Instagram but I think you just go to the Reddit website to sign up and log on.

So friends, my journey to master my craft and get my writing out to the world continues with these tiny steps that I hope one day will become big steps or the foundation of it all.

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