A tea party is in order


Today is a great day. The first 50 pages of my third novel are through the line-edit process and ready for formatting into an ebook.

When I sat down yesterday to reread the work I’d been doing, well I have to say I was darn proud. It’s amazing!!!! (with much of the credit going to my line-editor, Charlotte Belair, for polishing it right up til it shines).

I know writers aren’t supposed to review their own work, but this is MY website so a little hooting and hollering is in order.

Today, I will receive the next 50 pages and will start work on the next section. This day can only be described with a few well chosen words. “To Infinity and Beyond!” With thanks to Toy Story’s, Buzz Lightyear.

(Note: Card photo credit to Emily Jacobson 2015)

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