A tomatoe and onion quiche emerges from my oven

january 22.16 013

january 22.16 014

january 22.16 020

Sometimes I am a bit confused. I don’t know where the creative energy comes from but when she arrives, I’m under a bit of a spell. I came home from visiting with my friend Tina and decided I had to make pastry. I started with one recipe that led me quickly to a thick, globby mess, which I promptly removed from my sight and threw in the compost.

Another recipe was clearly called for. I have to say that if you love French cooking or even just getting a recipe right that uses a little finesse make a point of turning to this book.

january 23, 2016 001.jpg

Last night we had chicken cooked in butter with parmesan and breadcrumbs and today this quiche. The thing is these recipes are so easy to follow that the whole book really is a dream. I would recommend it to even the most hesitant student of the kitchen.

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