A “stars aligning” kind of day

Monday morning. This means getting the kids out the door to school and over for a visit with my dearest neighbors Ken and Donna, who are basically the nicest people I’ve ever met. See older posts on inspiration on jam making and just about every other knitting and cooking recipe you could dream up. Donna does it all, and is now making wonderful felted creations. We made these felted balls and I absolutely love them.

january 18 2016 002.jpg

january 18 2016 003.jpg

Ken is the most amazing visual artist and has a website you must see too.

Needless to say, I love my neighbors and got round to showing them my new website and the Weebies Youtube song about Marc Chagall and his paintings featured in my first book.

Guess what Donna sent me home with today?

january 18, 2016 021b.jpg

Donna is kindly lending me this Chagall print until she has a wall for it in her house.

Coming home to find a spot for it, I just heard from some friends we met in New York City in 2014. What a happy day. I am so grateful for all the ways the universe inspires me and rewards me for living this great life. While we were on that trip we went to the Jewish Museum to see a rare exhibit of Chagall’s work and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. New friends, New York and a Chagall exhibit. On some days stars align and you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.



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