Fantastic Four review

From the outset, you should know I am a huge superhero movie fan. The first movie I remember seeing for in the theatre was the Superman movie where Lois Lane realizes Clark Kent’s true identity. That to me is the gold standard that I measure all other super hero movies against. Some of my favorites in  recent years have got to be Captain America, Thor, Fantastic Four (original) and Ironman (original).

So where does that leave the new Fantastic Four? I loved every second Michael B. Jordan was on screen. An integral part of my all time favorite TV drama Friday Night Lights, Jordan lights up the screen as Johnny Storm. Miles Teller was another unexpected revelation.

But I kept waiting for the fun  to start and what about a little romance? I have to admit I didn’t like this incarnation of Fantastic Four and even found it a little lame. Too much of the all too familiar battling it out on a foreign planet and not enough antics on planet earth that made the first one so much fun with Johnny Storm soaring across the sky and Sue Storm becoming invisible on the Brooklyn Bridge.

This version takes itself so seriously. I think the writer’s ultimately are to blame for so little time with all the characters together testing out their powers and avenging evil.

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