Feeling some serious girl power after a meeting with my girlfriend entrepreneurs

We sat in amongst the shrubs and bushes, camouflaged from the rest of the patrons at the café. I sipped on a banana-strawberry smoothie and my friends and I talked about what it means to put yourself out in the world and push yourself to new heights – making yourself known for what you truly love to do.

I loved our talk and it made me think about taking Mabel Hartley out into the world and making her some serious friends. I am so proud of my muse and I am so grateful for all the ways she has inspired me. First as a writer, then as an author, and in the past two years a publisher, blogger, social media dabbler and website designer. Our next frontier is getting skilled in becoming a marketer.

I feel blessed to share my stories with other friends who have turned their passion into businesses. Never has there been a more exciting time to be me and write Mabel Hartley stories.

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