New book is up to 25,000 words, just passing the 1/2 way mark

Back at my first draft writing this week. Last week I waded through all my research to follow the path into the next few chapters. What great joy this week, to sit with the characters and hear their voices and feel awe that I get to tell their story.

The dig is going well in Petra. Mabel, Tabby and Hugh have made some new friends and been very lucky with the discovery of some long lost writings from a knight in the Crusades. They also have been sabotaged by an enemy who has yet to be revealed (to me also). They’re learning to live a Bedouin lifestyle, and all the while, Mabel and Hugh are falling more in love and Tabby has found a Swiss student to practice her French with.

I love this part of my work more than any other. It’s a time for opening and allowing the words to tumble out and to feel like I’m really just the vessel for the story to come through. Daily I am amazed at the twists and turns in the story that I didn’t see coming that enrich the story and make it the best adventure yet.

Yesterday, I read through the first three chapters in hard copy and the best way to describe how I felt was “glee”.

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