Skeins to die for

feb 2 005bAfter my son was born, knitting was my thing. I went to classes called “Fear of Finishing.” I made toys, dresses, sweaters and loved every second of it.

Then after my daughter was born, we moved house and the bag of full of all the balls of wool got stashed away in the basement.

On Friday, I went into my son’s class to help with knitting. I sat with the children and saw how much they were enjoying creating something very simple from something so beautiful.

I got to help my son get started on a few rows for the headband or bookmark he might make and I felt inspired.

I came home and dug out my bag in the basement along with some sock needles a friend had given me years ago and here I am. I am learning to knit in the round. And I am so happy.

On our flight home from New York, I saw a woman knitting in the round and felt so full of admiration. Now I’m back at it too. What new joys are you finding in your life to keep you warm and happy this winter?

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