So a friend in my French class told me she’d read my book (in French)

It doesn’t get much better than this for me. On Saturday, I returned to my French class that I’ve been missing since our last class ended in November. It was wonderful to be back in one of my most favorite places, listening to our teacher tell us what’s to come for the next 8 weeks.

Then she asked us to pair up and chat about our holidays and we rotated around the room, giddy, I think, to be telling eachother in French about our various adventures.

Then one of my classmates came to sit beside me. She was in our summer class and then went to Europe for 4 months to visit family in Italy and Norway. And that’s when she did it. She told me she’d read my book on her tablet and I almost died. It was like going to heaven in a second and my heart leapt for joy.

Knowing someone has read my books is perhaps the best thing about being a writer. Knowing they liked the book is icing on the cake.

So if you’re a reader, and you’ve been reading and liking my books, why don’t you let me know? Could I even ask you to put a review on my Amazon site and tell others about Mabel Hartley and her adventures?

Many thanks to you for making the time to read my  stories!

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