Inspired by my research of the Middle East i am making pita bread

oct 6b 003bI’ve written two Mabel Hartley stories, both set in the United Kingdom, but this third story is my first time writing about a foreign land and culture.

I was over with my son at our neighbors’ house yesterday and they have started making Middle Eastern recipes. I thought how perfect is this? I’ve just started learning about Jordan or as my French teacher calls it “la Jordanie.”

So that settled it! I have decided on a full immersion program to learn to cook the foods that Mabel, Taby and Hugh will be eating while they’re on their archeological dig and what better place to start than with pita bread?

I’ve already eaten two, and they are starting to puff-up in the frying pan (see below), which my neighbor tells me is what you want. So I will be posting more pics of recipes I’m trying and there must also be lunches at Lebanese restaurants and anywhere that makes a good falafel. I love Mabel and all the things she inspires in my own life.

oct 6 001b

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