Inspiration for my third story about Mabel – my 1994 trip to Israel

I bet there are more than a few of my readers who are thinking, ok Mabel started in England with her first adventure then went to Scotland for summer holidays but then to Jordan?

How come?

Well lovely readers, the inspiration for this story comes from my trip to Israel to visit my sister in the summer of 1994. She was working in Tel Aviv and I visited there and also went to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and almost made it to Petra, but couldn’t get there!

Somewhere in the back of my brain, I always wanted to write a story about this part of the world that has such a diverse culture, religious background, climate and history. Not that I’m going to get all of that in my next story but touching on it takes me back to a time that was so rich for me in so many ways.

Here are some photos of some of the things I saw while I was there.oct 6 003b


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