Can’t stop thinking of the book i’m reading “Gone Girl”

gone girlI have a problem. I love reading. But I can’t just read anything. I’m a bit picky and really if the author hasn’t got me in the first 20 pages then I’m pretty well done.

Once in a while I will try to struggle through a book, because “i’ve heard” it’s a masterpiece but then every page is an effort and that is NOT what reading is supposed to be about. Is it?

I mean i’m not studying technical writing, I’m not trying to pass a test, i just want to get lost.

So lost that I can forget everything and just be completely immersed in the story. So much so that when I’m not reading it I walk about thinking about the characters, and if it’s really good, then I start thinking about how the author came up with the idea.

Reading really is like my oldest, dearest friend. But she doesn’t show up very often, but when she does I can’t get enough.

So i make the case for you to find a copy of  “Gone Girl”  anywhere you can. And to read it BEFORE you see the movie because we all know the movie is never as good as the book. But based on the ads on tv right now, i have to say I’m hoping I’ll love the movie to.

I’m 150 pages in and I can’t stop reading. The characters are delicious in their complexity and richness and I have to say it’s the best book I’ve read for ages.

See this New York Times review but I can’t as it might give something away and I want to savour every page.

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