Return to Myself

My kids went back to school today, after a teacher’s strike that seemed to last an eternity…3 months of our children 9 and 7 in the house, so yes, an eternity. And today they went back to their school community of friends, teachers, librarians and I went back to my life too.

A visit with my dear friend, my chiropractor, who assured me that I could ride and bike free. I’d just been compressed! In every way, I wanted to tell him. FREEDOM. So I went for a rainy walk and splashed in puddles, because we haven’t seen puddles on this side of the country for about 8 years. It was so great.

Then to my friend’s café for Fish Tacos and a visit with another dear friend. Birthday plans were made.

Oh and I forgot to tell you I went and bought new foundation, which I never wear, and lipstick, and when I put on my new face I looked like Liza Manelli. Perhaps the foundations was a shade too light? 🙂

Then home to reading and researching for book 5 in the Mabel Hartley series. And quiet. Did I mention the quiet of the rain falling on my house, a little pile of chocolate chips in my hand and my life resuming. I am happy. I think Mabel is too.

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