The return home from our summer camping trip

august 24, 2014 117bOne of my favorite places in the world is inside our tent, especially on a clear afternoon like this one, when the fly is off and we can feel so close to nature.

This year we took a week to travel up Vancouver Island to explore places we’d heard of but never visited.

Unpacking the sleeping bags and hanging out the tent to dry off from the dew today, I thought about all the camping trips from my childhood and for me, there’s something so right about being close to the ocean and nature.

This year was extra special because I biked around the campsite with the kids and then we took to the roads and stopped to pick blackberries on our way. I wish for more happy holidays with my family and setting off without quite knowing where we’re going or what we might find.

This year I found my childhood beckoning me to relax, put my feet up and enjoy this time in the life of our family.

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