#4 The key to it ALL is doing what you love, taking the risk and putting yourself out there, no matter what

It’s been a really great day and I’m so proud today because I have new readers in India, Italy, and Germany. I feel so very happy and want to thank readers for taking a chance on Mabel Hartley….you will not be disappointed! I have such a feeling of hope that my little stories are finding their way around the world and that my dream to become a published author and find fans in every country is coming true.

It’s been a really long road from taking a degree in Journalism, to working in Communications and being a freelance writer to deciding I just have to stick with what I love and that’s writing YA stories. There have been many days of wondering what on earth I’m doing here and how I can hope to find people who are looking for more in the stories they read.

I feel a great sense of triumph for continuing the journey even when it feels like it all might crumble down upon me. (I do have many of those days). So thank you dear readers for making me feel like I put it all on a winner!

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