#7 Getting into the summer groove

So when I’m having a day that I’m struggling to get through it helps me a lot to think about being in the moment. Things like my children saying goodnight to their Dad, my hubby coming home from work to me, and the light on the mountains all keep me going in the right direction.

Today, I felt from the moment I got up that it might be one of those days. My kids are getting used to being home all the time now that school is out, and it’s a big transition for all of us. Especially for me, with a shift in focus from working on my stories to taking care of them and making sure they are happy or at least not dueling all the time!

So far, I think we’re doing pretty well. I stayed in my swimsuit all evening and went out to the garden and realized I need to get out there more. And what’s stopping me? Nothing really. Just the idea of going out hasn’t popped into my head lately, and that’s ok.

I did pick some roses, and cut back the delphinium and while I was out there I didn’t think about anything and that was good.

The soccer is on, and I like that, but what I like more is feeling the groove of summer in the dry grasses in the garden, swaying in the breeze and cutting back the roses that have finished their first flush.

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