#10 My 15 year love affair with my black labrador retriever

june 18 013b

Let me introduce you to Dixie, our 15 year old black lab.

She’s pictured here with her buddy Blackie, who is a very friendly 1 year old lab (Blackie is in the foreground).

We found Dixie years ago at an SPCA and have loved her ever since. She came to us before our children, so really she is our first baby, and though she’s slowed down, she’s still the loveable, loyal puppy we fell in love with all those years ago.

Being around Blackie today, I remembered Dixie’s young days, when she would race up and down hills chasing toys we were forever losing to the grass.

Now she likes to keep the children company while they play badminton, in the hopes they might throw her Kong for her.

Dixie is the gentlest, sweetest dog on the planet, but I suppose most dog owners feel that way about their pets.

I am grateful tonight for my big, black furry friend who has been at my side all these years.

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