#13 How the heck did getting an ereader help me find my purpose?

june 14, 2014 001bOk, I’m just going to say it. My ereader has changed my life. Not in a figurative/abstract way but in the most literal sense.

Right now I’m researching my third story and I’m doing it on my ereader. I have been working on the internet, getting books from the library and reading about anything and everything that involves Petra, Jordan where the next story will take Mabel Hartley.

So, yes, I love this little device and I love that I can research using my ereader. I find it easy, to the point of being incredulous that I can download books in seconds and they are at my fingertips FOREVER stored in this little book like device.

But the thing is. I feel immensely grateful for ereader technology. For about 15 years, I’ve worked at writing, starting one project, then another, sending them to publishers and getting one rejection after another. And generally feeling very shut out of the publishing industry.

It was really hard. People would always tell me to think about self-publishing and I would think “that’s just not for me. I can’t drive to bookstores and have boxes in my garage.”

But then my Dad got an ereader and he is a serious reader. He told me how much he loved it but I was still skeptical.

Then he bought one for me for my 40th birthday and everything fell into place.

Suddenly, the idea of being a publisher of my own work, and knowing there were online bookstores where I could sell my books seemed very appealing. It meant I could publish my Mabel Hartley stories and be in control of everything.

What had terrified me before now gave me inspiration to take courses, to learn to publish e-books and to really, when it comes right down to it, I found my purpose.

I learned to set up my website, all the while feeling that this little device had changed my life. And it all came together at the right time.

Within months of one of Canada’s best childrens’ publishers sending me a rejection saying “I clearly had a gift for writing action adventure stories.” I was mystified. The reasons were arbritrary. No room of on their list. I got angry. Why couldn’t they make room?

So I decided to throw it all in and do it ALL BY MYSELF. And I have to say, I’ve loved the rollercoaster. But most of all I’ve loved knowing that I didn’t let myself down. I didn’t throw in the towel. I got my books out the drawer and into the world. I’m a happier, better person because I’m finally doing what I am here to do. My purpose is to be a writer of YA fiction stories, to be the publisher who says YES THESE ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Not only that, they’re great and I am on my way.

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