#14 Triathlon dreams

june 12, 2012 002bSo here she is. My pal, my friend, my roadbike.

I’ve wanted one of these since I was about 20 years old and a few years ago we splurged and I bought a new one.

As a kid, I rode my bike everywhere. This continued through university and up until I met my hubby. I rode to work and I never thought about distance, I just hopped on and there I was.

So getting on a bike for me, and the first few seconds of experiencing the way things look when you’re on a bike is a bit of a revelation. It’s a place where I find myself and remember who I was as a little person.

One of my lifelong dreams is to be able to complete various distances of triathlons. I trained for a marathon while we were in Calgary and then completed the marathon in Kelowna. It was great fun. The next year I finished a tinman triathlon (the shortest distances for each sport) and it was one of the happiest days of my life.

Ironman has always appealed to me but I’d be happy to be in the pool, on my bike and running once a week. I have high hopes for this summer and getting into a consistent training routine!

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