Reflections on graduation (sort of)

april 10 2014 001bI was looking through some things last night and I found a charm for a bracelet. It was given to me when I graduated from university.

I got to thinking that publishing your first book, but not only that, self publishing your first book is kind of like a journey to get a diploma or a degree.

I’ve been working at the first Mabel story for 6 years and last week, she got published. So in a way, I just graduated from a 6 year creative writing and publishing degree.

So I’m feeling pretty happy. Like I want to celebrate today by wearing my gold pants and all my great accessories and eating croissants (my favorite). Sometimes there’s no ceremony when you accomplish something great in your life. There’s just you to reflect on this great thing you did with people that love you. I’m feeling very thankful and happy. Maybe insert a little cheering here too!


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