December has been good to me

Sorry, readers for taking so long between posts but December has been busy with a family vacation to Mexico and then back into the routine of school/work and of course prep for Christmas. This last week, the first review of my series came out in our local paper, written by one of our great community […]

I love decorating….my house

I’m not talking about Christmas..yet! This week has been nuts at my house because the painters are here and we are getting our bedrooms, the kitchen and living area and the bathrooms all painted. We’ve lived here for six years and it feels great to have some help making our home all it can be. […]

Stunning election results!

I really wanted Hillary to win because I wanted us to have our first female president. But it was not to be. So we turn towards a new leader.  I am excited to see if he can rise to the challenge of being President and time will tell. Part of me is afraid but I […]

Walking Dead spoiler

Breathing a sign of relief after hearing about Season Seven Episode One of my favorite tv series. I like the show so much that I’m thinking of dressing up as a walker for Halloween, and I’m not a dress-up person. If only we had cable with AMC. I’ll have to wait all year for the […]