Ready to print the first paper copy of book 4 the Gangster’s Cache

When I’m writing a story, it takes a lot for me to commit to seeing it on paper. It’s only after going through lots of revisions that I get to a point when I feel like the story is contained.

That is to say the chapters are in chronological order, and the characters are progressing on a journey to the end of a book.

You see, when I’m writing, so much is about just listening to the characters and trying to get their story down on paper. It’s a leap of faith to see if there is a story to tell that makes me feel proud at the end. If I feel like I’ve told a story I’d be interested in listening to – then it’s ready for printing.

In these initial stages, there will be a few printings until I can gather a cover and all the materials I need to launch into publishing my next book. For now, I am content to read the story again and again because I’m not sure how many more times I’ll get to write a Mabel Hartley story (perhaps only one more time).

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