Spent the weekend rereading my series and finding book 4 is the best story yet!

I spent my weekend deciding it was time to get the measuring stick out. I decided to reread all my stories to see if the latest installment of Mabel Hartley stacks up against the first three books.

There’s nothing for an author like seeing progress. The journey over a decade of my life, has brought me to today. The Gangster’s Cache is my best story to date and I’m so proud of Mabel and her friends and of course their visit to one of my favorite cities in the world, New York!

Tomorrow, I’ll finish reading the first draft and the series will be complete. Now comes the work of rewriting and publishing.

I am grateful for the energy to write, to be honest about my writing and the wonder that comes with letting the words flow and standing back to see how proud I am of this series! Happy beginning of summer, everyone!

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