Visit to our elementary school library

It was a really great day. I visited with the librarian, Laura Boulton at our local elementary school and saw my books on shelves and donated two copies of my third book to their collection.

For me there really is nothing and I mean NOTHING like seeing my books on library shelves. I think of the child I was at our library, how I loved to pull out the books from the shelves, peer at the covers and read the dust covers. I couldn’t wait to take a big stack home and loose myself in another world.

I was so inspired today to see an article in the New York Times about Barack Obama and how much he loves books too. I wanted to cheer! Not only is he one of my best beloved heroes of our time, but he is a reader too and draws inspiration and knowledge from reading books and gaining perspective from the characters and stories he reads.

So it was with a full heart that I saw my books at the school library and volunteered to go and read from my books to the grade 5 & 6 classes. I am so excited!

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