My week in 5

5. This is the week I feel it all started. With getting my books into the local library and six book stores around Vancouver Island. Walking into a store and seeing my books on the shelf was something I’m not likely to forget.

4. I finished the editing process for my third book and have sent it off for the first review. I should have my first copy to proof soon, which will means that all my books will be in paperback.

3. Back to school supply lists are on the fridge and my kids are getting excited. I love September. This is my favorite half of the year, when the weather turns, the days grow short and we begin all over again in January.

2. My job at the newspaper continues to make me smile, with meeting new friends every day.

1.Life feels rich and complete on my terms, with my wildest dreams located dead-ahead. What do these dreams look like: being fluent in French, travelling, and spending time with family and beginning the research for book 4 in my series in September.

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