Back to bike riding

So, here’s the thing. My back has been bugging me for more years than I care to count but on my last visit to my chiropractor he said, “get out there and run, that’s why you’re sore, you need to do more.”

I stared at him probably a little too long as I pick and choose my activities based on will this hurt my back?

Then my husband and I started jogging together and I got close to 5km. Yay. Then I started biking. Just about 6km from my house up some pretty treacherous hills, but a good half hour of the heart racing and getting the events of the day off my back.

So I just wanted to say, seriously, universe, thank you!!! I am so enjoying my childhood past time of cruising down the hills, peddling up strong when I have to climb them and just being out in the world.

Biking is the best!






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