I can’t believe Prince is gone

I got goosebumps tonight, scanning my social media feed and seeing a couple of references to Prince, which made me smile. Then I realized the outpouring of Prince videos and pictures was because he was gone. I thought ‘how could this be? he’s so young?’ well 14 years older than me. And that doesn’t seem so far down the line now.

I remember being a huge Purple Rain fan, driving down the highway in Montreal with the windows down and the radio turned up. Those rifts were such a part of my coming of age. I remember, “I only wanted to see you standing in the Purple Rain, Purple Rain.”

Lost loves, and turbulent times in my life but Prince takes me right back and I will miss knowing he is in the world. I am thankful for his music that meant so very much. Another one of my icons to say goodbye to far too soon.



One thought on “I can’t believe Prince is gone

  1. 2016 has been such a sad year for losing so many celebrities and icons. In the UK we have lost a huge number of singers, TV personalities, comedians, sportsmen, rock stars. I wasn’t Prince’s biggest fan (more into David Bowie), but I appreciated how good his music was, and what a talent we have lost.

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