Starting research on NYC for book 4

nyc2Even when I have to slow down for catching up with my life, starting research on a new story always gets me in the right mood.

Lately, I’ve been watching programs and reading books about New York City from the 1950s- 1980s.

I really like to get a feel for the history of a place and finding this archive photo of Grand Central Station made me sit back and think “wow.” We also watched a show on the construction of the Twin Towers. I had no idea they went up in the 1970s and no one checked for fuel/fire related to possible airplane crashes. I also learned that in the 1950s a developer wanted to put a highway right through Greenwich Village but the tide turned on political activism and people wanted to keep their neighborhoods.

New York City is made extra special because I celebrated my 15 year anniversary with my hubby there and returned for our 16th anniversary because we loved it so much. So having walked these streets and finding out about their history is beyond bliss for me.

My books are such a learning experience and I am always so grateful to learn where this story might take us all when I start the writing process in 2017.






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