Final week of Internet Marketing course

I made it! Six weeks later I feel like I know a little bit more than I did before about how to sell my books.

This is not my wheelhouse, in fact, since I created ebooks and put them up on Amazon in Spring 2014 I’ve been secretly terrified of learning the business side of my writing.

It felt like everyone knew all the secrets for getting books out there, everyone but me – funny thing is, now I have one or two little notes in my pocket that make me feel like I might know a little something too.

I really believe that everything has its own time in life. I read an article recently about just accepting that things have their own time and not fighting the natural rhythm of life.

Turns out there’s an awful lot of truth to it. There’s a time to struggle, a time to be inspired, a time to feel well, and a time to have courage because life will meet you on the other side to catch you when you jump out of the plane but you have to jump at the right time, when you have your safety goggles and your parachute on.

I for one love planes. But now I’m buying a ticket to learn more, to fly higher, to be more of who I want to be. I feel ready. I feel like now is my time. It’s a little scary to put all these pieces together and try things out that are new. But it’s good. It’s where I want to be.

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