A fresh day with no smudges on it

I guess that’s the best thing about having a really hard night, one with feverish children, sick-up on the kitchen floor and hands covered in liquid Tylenol (because the cup missed the mark) is just that the  night is over.

So we had a night that mercifully brought morning soon after. My daughter’s fever is down and she is back to school (for a few hours at least).

I’ve come up with a new plan for days that are excruciatingly difficult. My plan is to accept everything, even the very worst, to drink it in and let it flow until it is drained of its own malaise.

Suffering sometimes feels like it will never end, but with dawn and light to illuminate the Tylenol all over the bed sheets, there is a freshness and hope that this day will be better.

This day I will not feel like giving up. This day I will just be, making life what I want it to be; happy for laundry in the machine, a computer to write my thoughts on, and yes, a heart beating strong in my chest and air filling my lungs. Time alone brings me clarity and faith that today I will enjoy life and the time it gives me to walk this earth.

2 thoughts on “A fresh day with no smudges on it

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a tough time! I hope things get better for you. You sound like you are the sort of person who is good at coping. So keep smiling, and keep blogging!

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