Word of the day: resilient, especially in children

february 9 2016 006.jpg

It’s been 10 years since we welcomed our son Toby into the world, and soon after came Lucy Faith, who is now 8 1/2 years old.

Under resilient in the dictionary, it says this: resuming original form after compression. Or the bounce factor. Meaning how well do you bounce after things don’t go your way?

So what are the magic ingredients? These are the ones at the top of my list.

Fresh air. Sunlight. Chopping wood. Chores. More sunshine. Rubber boots. Parents that love them no matter what. Books. Books. More books. Family time. Experiences. Travel. Help. Letter writing. Grandparents. Uncles. Aunts. Cousins. Listening. Eating meals together. Memories. Laughing at ourselves. Laughing. More laughing. Good friends. Seeing your parents do things they love. Making cookies. Making pancakes. Sewing pillows. Learning to use a chainsaw. Planting bulbs. Singing. Putting seed in the birdfeeder. Cleaning the birdfeeder. Weeding. LOVE.


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