My week in 5

harry5. With awe and delight we watched all the Harry Potter movies this week. We haven’t read the books yet so every night was a revelation. Such a cast, such a story, and such great writing. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

4. I met with my line-editor, Charlotte. Got the first few chapters back and can’t wait to start  getting these changes into the final draft. A new book is on it’s way!

3. My children started French classes this week. It was such a joy to listen to them speaking French.

2. Tea with a very special artist and friend Sara Robichaud and a great chance to talk about following the creative spirit and staying true to our art.

1. My son gave me this beautiful gift this morning. I’m feeling pretty darn lucky, I can tell you.

toby 002


2 thoughts on “My week in 5

  1. What a lovely week you have had! You are brave to sit through all the Harry Potter films, not sure I could do that! Nothing cuter than little children speaking French! I love the picture present, it’s great. And good luck with your new book…..

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