All hail to Chelsea

chelsea 2Onto my exercise bike this morning, and off we go with a new Netflix documentary series Chelsea Does…

It’s so refreshing to see a female comic, perhaps the one of the most famous, addressing issues that are relevant to our world today. I watched the racism episode with curiosity and disbelief as Chelsea travelled around the different neighborhoods in LA, then to the South Carolina and onto Israel to investigate how people around the world view stereotypes and how people of different ethnic background see themselves and their place in history.

Perhaps what I love most about this show is Chelsea herself and her reactions to the many people she interviewed. It also made me a little sad to see how much work we have left to do when it comes to being kinder to each other and accepting our history around how we have hurt different races with intolerance and cruelty.

I love Chelsea and how she views the world and I’d recommend this series to anyone watching with an open heart and an open mind.


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