My week in 5

5. arrival of this gorgeous print that made my heart sing and reminded me of book 1 and all I loved learning about Marc Chagall

january 18, 2016 021b

4. We started watching the Harry Potter movies 1 & 2 with my kids and had so much fun rediscovering the stories and the great cast. A note on Jason Isaacs who is hands down my favorite Brit actor. He plays Draco Malfoy’s father, Lucius and has been the lead actor in some of my fave shows Case Histories & Awake.

jason isaacs.png

3. Went shopping with my dad for new shoes and boy does he ever look put together now!

2. Back to horseback riding classes for my daughter and me.

january 24, 2016 031b amazing husband finished the Christmas puzzle that’s been on our coffee table for a month!

january 24, 2016 087b


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