Epiphany: a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way

A few things have been going on for me lately, and all of them are about epiphany. Growing up in a very Anglican (church of England) family, I always remember hearing my grandmother, and soulsister of mine, talk about “having an epiphany.” She loved the word so much that she would write its definition down on pieces of paper and give them to me. Clearly, she wanted me to remember this word well after she was gone.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at our dear friend’s house and she was talking about how her husband likes to make a King’s Cake for epiphany. In all my grandmother’s chats, I’d never once heard her refer to epiphany being about the three kings being honored as they came to the infant Jesus or anything about a cake, I would have remembered that for sure.

She probably did actually tell me about the three kings but I might not have been listening. I have often been accused of “selective hearing” by more than a few people and might have just tuned her out. So I was intrigued to learn of a cake (dessert is one of my favorite things) that might remind me of my Granny.

When I looked it up on Twitter, my first reaction was “I could never make that,” because it looks like a lovely swirl of pastry with apples inside and delicious, flaky goodness. It’s lovely when little coincidences remind us of special times in our life that we can’t get back for anything.

And lately, a lot of things have given me that feeling of a moment of clarity, especially a course I’ve been taking on blogging through WordPress and feeling that my writing is gaining momentum with my third novel coming out in March.

By chance, I met with my friend Charlotte as I was coming off the ferry today and was so delighted to see her. Charlotte is helping me with my line-edit. I love the way her brain works and how she pushes me to make more of my writing. There’s no getting “stuck” believing I’ve reached the point where I can write and publish without some heavy lifting.

So, with the coming of a new year, my epiphany is this: I will pursue all means to move my writing forward. I will even take a business course if it means reaching more readers. Never in my 42 year history have I taken a business course. Well, maybe I did one in high school. My focus has always been on writing but I think I’m ready to spread my wings. First class starts this Wednesday. Here goes!




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