Got Tom Cruise fever

So it started a few weeks ago with Top Gun. In fact, I got downright weepy remembering sitting in the theatre when I was about 13 years old with classmates. I think I went and saw it 3 times, the same number as Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.

The music, the cockiness, the aerial photography, Kelly McGillis in stilettos all made me feel so many years younger and I guess that’s what Tom Cruise is for me – steadfast.

Just watching a clip of him on Jimmy Fallon lip-syncing “I can’t feel my face,” (by the Weeknd), I have to say he is still the bomb, despite Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, Scientology, Brooke Shields post-partum depression medication, and the infamous couch-jumping on Oprah that somehow made him seem less than the movie star he has always been.

For at least 10 years, it felt hard to like the man, who is such an icon. But lately, it’s amazing what a little lip-syncing can do to make you fall for him all over again. He almost, and I mean almost brought out the famous scene from Risky Business on Jimmy Fallon and I remembered just how loveable he really is.

Tonight, it’s Mission Impossible 2, and with the fifth sequel coming out this weekend, I might just have to make a pilgrimage to the theatre to take in a little more of what Tom Cruise does best, showing us all that he has miles to go. The man is 53 now, old by some standards, and his face shows his age, especially after you have a look at movies he made 15 years ago.

But to be fair, he did shoot his first film when he was 19 years old in 1983. Somehow he has sustained a career that’s lasted more than 30 years and he still seems unstoppable and perhaps a little cocky too. But he is Tom Cruise. Should we expect any less?

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