Last day of French immersion classes – I feel like a real Frenchy now

I did it! 15 hours of French language instruction this week and I am so proud of myself. We played many games in our class, including Alibi, and explained how we cook our favorite recipe (mine was a salmon dish), we talked about riding the Metro in Paris today, and if that doesn’t get you inspired to visit Paris, nothing will.

The best part was that we laughed a lot, thanks to our very funny teacher Adda, who was so encouraging of everyone, no matter how bad our pronounciation was or how many times we had to say a word to get it right.

So for the next month, I am setting a plan to work on my French reading, I have two pocketbooks and I am going to read as much as I can.

Learning a language has given me so much more than new words to learn. It’s a new way of thinking, of being in the world, of sharing ideas, of meeting friends, of finding more things to laugh at. When I am learning French, I feel the most myself, like some little seed within my heart is getting watered and reaching for the sun.

à demain, mes chéries

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