It was this kind of a day today

may 19, 2015 030b

This week was a bit of a battle. I spent the last few days plagued with doubts about my work as a writer and really feeling like giving up. The ebbs and flows of just living in my brain, and perhaps the pressure to raise two kids and have worked on a YA fiction series for the last 7 years, well, I just felt overwhelmed and a little hopeless.

I think they call it writer’s block, but my kind of block might be a bit different than you think. In a lot of ways I’m lucky because most of the time, I come to the computer and the pages seem to roar onto the page. I get lost in the characters, what they’re doing and mostly I feel very grateful, for it is a gift to have a purpose that feels so good in my heart.

But then I have a few days where I can’t write, I mean I know what I’m going to write about but I don’t have the confidence come to the computer without a million doubts and fears sitting on my shoulders. And the feelings won’t go away they’re good and ready. My biggest flaw is succumbing to the feeling of not being good enough.

So today, everything went my way. I came up for air, watched my kids perform in the school musical, let five or six pages flow onto the story and felt that everything was right in the world. For today, and that’s something to hold on to.

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