First few pages written from my third Mabel Hartley story

march 12 008b

This week has been a tough one. We decided to put our 16 year old black lab, Dixie to sleep and the appointment is for tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday, I think I cried until there were no tears left inside. Even in bed last night I cried. Full of sorrow and overloaded with grief and sadness for the end of a great friendship. I’ve also been watching the GIRLS series, which in itself is an emotional rollercoaster.

Then as I was tidying things up for the night, I started to hear Tabby and Hugh talking and I grabbed a piece of paper. It was one of those moments that was like “wait the baby’s finally coming!” When these moments come you have to stop everything and get writing. The writing made me feel thrilled because I’d been trying to figure out the opening for the third story and now here it was being handed to me on a silver platter.

Maybe life is like that sometimes. In the darkness of immense grief, somehow there is a crack and the light gets in. I think that’s a quote from the great Leonard Cohen.

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