The brilliance that is the film St. Vincent

I spent the best part of my day sitting in a darkened movie theatre marveling at this sweet little film that made me think about my lifelong love for Bill Murray. I was 11 years old when Bill Murray starred in Ghostbusters. And now thirty years later, he makes me feel like a kid again, only this time he’s older and so am I. Nevertheless, he’s an old friend, an icon from my childhood and anyone who’s seen him on Saturday Night Live knows he’s been around forever.

Only with this film, I think he’s at his very best. As a tired, heartbroken gambler who’s stopped caring about himself, his life has become a wreck and it’s painful to watch. But when a new neighbor moves in with his mother (Melissa McCarthy) you just want to sit back and admire the writing, the acting and this film that will stop you in your tracks and be warned, the tears will flow (at least they did for me!).

When the credits rolled I looked around and no one in the audience moved. We didn’t want to end. We wanted more Bill Murray being well, Bill Murray. He’s so comfortable in his skin, and such a joy to watch. This flim is a jewel, reminding me of Lost in Translation and The Royal Tenenbaums.

This is why I go to matinees, to spend a little time in the dark with my favorite people. Go see this one.

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