A horse cart for Mabel, Tabby and Hugh into the Siq

This morning I’ve spent the last few hours, (after a great jog by the ocean) reading about the Siq or the way into Petra, Jordan. It’s been marvelous to learn about this narrow canyon of rock and the avenue that winds its way into the heart of Petra.

I can’t wait for Mabel, Tabby and Hugh, in this their 3rd story, to experience something that will truly astonish them. They’ll pass through a tunnel of rock in shades of orange, red, black and blue that towers 700 feet above them.

And the best part is that it’s not really a canyon, it’s just one piece of rock that over time, with the pressure of tectonic forces, separated into two. In the narrowest part of the Siq they’ll even be able to see where the grain of rock on one side matches the other.

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