Just finished reading the Hunger Games series

So here’s the thing. I feel bad because I liked the movies better than the Hunger Games books. I admired Suzanne Collins vision, but found so often that I skipped over pages where I couldn’t see the name Peeta written on the page. He was by far the most interesting character and I felt the books could have been condensed into a far more readable version of the story. And I guess that’s what the movies did, retaining the story while only keeping the elements essential to the story.

I’m excited to see the Mockingjay movie, as I believe Jennifer Lawrence made the character of Katniss far more likeable than they way she is portrayed in the books. I couldn’t understand her constant resentment towards almost everything, but perhaps younger readers will relate to her more than I did.

I applaud Suzanne Collins for the concept but there was so much repetition that of themes and emotions that I felt the final book diluted much of the original idea.

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