Robin Williams, goodbye.

I was on my way to Nanaimo on the ferry last night, sitting reading my book in the waiting room, when I heard a women outside say to someone, “Did you hear Robin Williams died?”

I felt like someone had walked down my back. I couldn’t believe he could be gone. He was so much larger than life and I have so many fond memories of watching him and laughing til my sides hurt.

His sudden death, after giving us all so many years of his genius makes me think if he can go, who’s next?

I know this is melancholy but really, the death of Robin Williams? Come on. How are we supposed to take this? This is too cruel a twist of fate for most of us to believe.

Knowing that his death was a suicide somehow makes it worse because he must have suffered so much to come to his decision. And living in the darkness, where you can’t see the light or any way out but the final one, well I think it just makes us all think that we need to be kinder to each other.

We need to talk to each other and help each other, and we need to support each other when our health is in crisis.

I miss knowing that he is alive with us, walking his part of the earth. I really did feel like he would live forever. He is gone too soon.

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