YA Book Club added to my website

Summer inspiration (lots of time in the sun and at the beach) has inspired a new idea for the website. A YA Book Club! I am going to be bringing you all my favorite inspirations for reading this summer and of course all year round.

You’ll be able to check this page and find titles that have been tested and approved by me!

My first title is called “The Witches Daughter” by Nina Bawden, first published in 1966 and read by me at age 10 I think. This story is a classic, full of intrigue, stolen treasure and of course, a remote island off the coast of Scotland. Sound like inspiration for my Mabel story? Well rereading it has been such an experience. All these lightbulbs going off in my head saying, “holy doodle, this book was a major influence on my writing!”

Head over to my new page to get the latest books, reviews and of course the low down on what you could read to make this summer unforgettable!

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