Battleship film is….

A little bit Officer and a Gentleman, a little bit Transformers, a lot of Top Gun and not enough Taylor Kitsch. Awesome in a starring role and from what I hear up next with Marky Mark in Lone Survivor.

Watching Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna in Battleship

And the awesome Jesse Plemons. I love these big budget action films and Kitsch’s character is a lot like his Friday Night Light’s character, Tim Riggins – awesome. For anyone who hasn’t spend time watching Friday Night Lights, it’s an unforgettable series and incredible acting. I’m not a football fan, but just the same, I […]

Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie is a lot of fun especially because of Chris Pratt who is so likeable you just want the next movie to come out right away. After lots of laughs with him on Parks and Rec and I dazzled by his performance in Zero Dark Thirty as a Navy Seal. He totally took me […]